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Behind this edition
So... how is everything today?

As you can see, here I’m once more to bring another webcomic. If you are following me the last days you know I’m translating my old webcomics, and not only that, I’m updating and giving it some “new energy”, it all because a strange moment of epiphany I had at a very late time in a particular night. I know, it’s weird, so I will just shut up and talk about what really matters hehehe

When we have to translate something, sometimes we need to change things to assure things makes sense and remain funny (yeah, to me it is funny : D). This particular comic was changed in a way that made me so happier with the new version that I ended up changing the original to become like the translated one (?!). I know it may sound complicated, but it is not.

About random things, my life keeps being weird, it’s time of change, as people may say. I’m a little worried with the way a few things are going, but I believe in the end everything will be fine if we are sincere and honest in what we do. And know we have the first paragraph being weird, the second one being complicated and this one is both hahahaha.

Before I go, I just want to share the video bellow. Is one of those “art in the street” projects and involves inflatable monsters. I really liked.

Diogo César - at 06:06 am - 15 - august - 2009

  pra ver a versão em português [clique aqui]